Week 15 – Artist Interview – Troy Rounseville

This week, my favorite gallery was the gallery that displayed this drum. The whole gallery had automated musical instruments. I am a musical person so this was interesting to me. Although I play trumpet, I constantly watch percussion groups. I didn’t understand what was going on in the gallery because everything was automatically playing and it was honestly kind of trippy. It was really loud in the gallery when I tried to have a classmate interview it didn’t work and we had to go outside to do the interview. But the reason I chose this was because this caught the eye the fastest in the galleries. There was also a “wedding” themed gallery but I walked in and instantly walked out. If you get the chance, you should check out more of Troy Rounseville’s works because they are pretty good!


Week 15 – Classmate Conversation – Craig Wigboldy

So this week, I had the opportunity to interview Craig Wigboldy. He is a 3rd year pre-nursing major. He is a local and decided to go to Long Beach because it was close and he got into the school. He started as a Health and Sciences major but recently switched, but since it’s not much of a jump, he is doing okay. His hobby is snowboarding. Snowboarding season just started and he told me about how he went to Big Bear for a weekend. His friend has a cabin up there so when he goes, he stays for a couple days. Once he came to Long Beach, he made a lot of new friends and his old high school friends were all dispersed throughout UC’s and CSU’s so he didn’t have many old friends at CSULB. He enjoys the art in Art 110 because it is unique and it’s uncommon. I had a nice time getting to know Craig and I hope to cross paths with him again one day. Check out his awesome web page @ http://craigwigboldy.com/!

Week 13 – Artist Interview – Jeff Dull

So this week, I really enjoyed this piece by Jeff Dull.  This piece was very inspiring and thoughtful because it reminds me of a place I see often, the beach. Not only is that the case, but it displays the beach in a very sinister and dark point of view. Usually, you would see the beach as a relaxation place and a fun place to hangout and have a barbecue, but in this painting, the beach is depicted as very sinister and evil and an unenjoyable place to be at. The sand is black and the ocean looks tainted and the sun is an evil red with very mysterious clouds in the background. This painting gives off a very depressing vibe but it also gives me a lot of insight. It showed me that although you may see things in one light, others may view the exact same thing in a different point of view and may have a completely different opinion on it. All in all this piece is also very beautiful and I enjoyed observing it. If you are able to find more of Jeff Dull’s works, you should definitely check them out! They are truly amazing.

Week 13 – Classmate Interview – Tanner Binsfield

So for this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Tanner, a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. He is from the middle of nowhere (because I don’t know where his hometown is located 😀 ) and is an aspiring physical therapists. He is studying Kinesiology. He really loves studying sports injuries and is hoping to be able to analyze them in the future. One of Tanner’s major hobbies and passions is basketball. He played basketball for four years in high school and is an NBA fanatic. We talked about our favorite teams and discussed our home team, the Lakers. We spoke about how they are having a rough season but are slowly getting back on their feet. In regards to art, Tanner does not enjoy art very much but he does find that some of the art he discovered in this class have been very cool and entertaining while others may have been confusing. I really enjoyed meeting Tanner and I wish him the best for his future endeavors. You should check out his content @ http://tannerbinsfeld.com/! He has a lot of cool posts that are very interesting.