Week 13 – Artist Interview – Jeff Dull

So this week, I really enjoyed this piece by Jeff Dull.  This piece was very inspiring and thoughtful because it reminds me of a place I see often, the beach. Not only is that the case, but it displays the beach in a very sinister and dark point of view. Usually, you would see the beach as a relaxation place and a fun place to hangout and have a barbecue, but in this painting, the beach is depicted as very sinister and evil and an unenjoyable place to be at. The sand is black and the ocean looks tainted and the sun is an evil red with very mysterious clouds in the background. This painting gives off a very depressing vibe but it also gives me a lot of insight. It showed me that although you may see things in one light, others may view the exact same thing in a different point of view and may have a completely different opinion on it. All in all this piece is also very beautiful and I enjoyed observing it. If you are able to find more of Jeff Dull’s works, you should definitely check them out! They are truly amazing.


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