Week 12 – Activity – Teach One

So for this week, I decided to talk about creating music videos. A couple years ago, I started making some music videos for fun. I made them ridiculously embarrassing, but I also intended them to be funny. Surprisingly enough, they were big hits (to my friends)! Oh well, they were still fun to create 🙂

So, what started this for me was one day, I was just listening to just the strangest songs ever.. then I thought, why not make a hilarious music video to go with it?

Step 1: Find a funny song. This song should be so funny, you’re stomach should start to ache because you are laughing way too hard when you listen to it. Or, well, it could just be really funny. One good example would be: I am Not a Whore by LMFAO.

Step 2: Find some friends, and some equipment. You should gather some friends for this activity. This way, more ideas come up and you will have a more original and unique music video. Also, you will need equipment such as a camera, a memory card, and a computer/video editor.

Step 3: Record your footage! You should listen to the song several times to spark ideas and then record lots and lots of footage! Doing this would avoid constant repetition of the same clip. It is also fun anyway 🙂 Take your time so you have good footage, and of course have fun!

Step 4: Edit your footage: Next step would be to edit your footage. Be careful with this, because it may make or break your creation. Although you may not be the most tech savvy, but as long as it is organized and the footage is entertaining, you should be okay!

Step 5: Publish! Now, just upload your finished video and see the result!

Here is an example video I made when I was a high school underclassman. It is very simply edited, but I think it is funny 🙂


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