Week 12 – Artist Interview – Timothy Cooper

Yet another amazing art piece. This piece is displaying what looks to be a cross consisted of porcelain plates.

This piece is consisted of 145 hand-thrown plates and were produced by stoneware clay and a satin white glazed fired just above 2250 degrees Fahrenheit. This project was meant bear witness to the ability of multiple individuals to work together to produce a positive personal, social, aesthetic experience. These plates carry a resonance that all object did at once serve a practical, personal, or communal need.

So basically the point of this piece is to show that useful things may eventually just be left aside, but they still have a certain value. I thought that the shaping of this piece had a certain meaning to it, but I guess not. I observed that some of these plates looked more worn than others though so there was, in fact, visual evidence that these plates have been in use. So from that I guess what this piece was trying to show that at one point, things will be useful for something, but later in it may be less useful, but still have a meaningful or important value.

If you have the chance, please check out Timothy Cooper’s art work!


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