Week 11 – Activity – Student Choice

So for this week, we had the opportunity to have our own choice of activity. For my activity, I decided to write about a self-portrait and I decided to choose a portrait of my beautiful girlfriend.

There are many things that can be said about this picture. It shows self-image and other aspects whether it may be physical or mental. In this picture, you can see that she has a stunning smile and seems to be happy and content. However, one may not see she may not be as happy and content as she may look. She may actually be depressed and lonely. There are many things that this photo can describe but also many things that it cannot describe.

My point is to say that many girls and guys try to show a positive self-image even when they may not be positive inside themselves. They tend to hide their true feelings possibly to spare others from asking about them and pestering them with annoying questions such as, “Are you okay?” When you look at this picture there is nothing that may look questionable or anything to hint that something’s wrong. Who would want to post something demeaning and depressing online? I don’t think anyone would.

Although I have said that, that did not mean that was true for the beautiful girl in the photo above. I chose this picture also because I think she is a work of art herself 😉 She is very beautiful and unlike a lot of girls she tends to avoid wearing makeup which I think is awesome. She truly shows off her natural beauty and that’s what I love about her.


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