Week 11 – Classmate Interview – David Aceves

So this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing my fellow peer and teammate, David Aceves. He is a 4th year at Cal State Long Beach and is majoring in civil engineering. Surprisingly, we are both in rugby, but barely got the opportunity to interview each other this week.

So this is David Aceves. I met him when I joined Long Beach State rugby. We are both backs, a position in the game of rugby, so it was pretty easy to get to know each other. Although, this week, I really got the chance to get to know David. He is a 4th year senior at Cal State Long Beach majoring in civil engineering. He is currently working on senior designs and is about to graduate in the spring however this is already his last semester. His hobbies include designing and building. Although he is a civil engineer, he also likes to participate in mechanical engineer projects as well, which I think is pretty cool. Like me, David came across Beach Rugby when he was a freshman at Week of Welcome.

Regarding the art, David is not a big fan of visual arts and is not at home with this art class. He is trying to get by for the GE, but he has seen a few cool things he enjoys. The deer constructed sculpture from the Labyrinth gallery really caught his eye because it was something an engineer would make. Other than that, he thinks most art in this class is controversial and debatable. I think his mindset is pretty cool and I am glad I was able to talk to him!

Check out David’s website @ http://davidaceves.com/!


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