Week 10 – Activity – Landscapes

So for this week, I had to create a landscape portrait for the activity. With that, I had to envision my departure as well. I chose my room as the landscape and I imagined myself departing from the world in the middle of a homework session, because, well, that’s all I do nowadays.

So I chose this idea because it feels like my room is my sanctuary and this is where I spend most of my time due to the amount of studying that is required for my classes so it feels like this is the most likely place I would departure. Although it is the the most beautiful scenery, it truly captures the mood of the idea. It is very dull and depressing because my room is such a mess and that everything feels disorganized and disfigured. The amount of work is just too much and I pass away in the middle of my homework session. The cause of death will remain mysterious and unknown.

To be honest, I think this theme fit my picture really well because it is really relevant to my life right now. College is just so hectic and this is literally what I do all weak and I’m surprised I haven’t broken down with all this work because it is a lot to think about and it is a lot of stress to manage. But if anything happens to me I would mostly blame all the work that I get and the lack of sleep that comes with it. 🙂


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