Week 10 – Classmate Interview – Allen Lam

So this week, I had the opportunity to interview Allen Lam, a Kinesiology student. Allen is a 2nd year and is from Fountain Valley. He went to Los Amigos High School and I thought that was pretty cool because I am affiliated with that high school.

Allen told me he aspires to be a physical therapist and he hopes to be able to start his own physical therapy business. We talked about school and what classes we are taking and we both agreed that Calculus is a big pain in the butt. Allen told me that he is mostly taking science classes and is having a relatively easy time right now in school. He hopes to graduate in four years so he could go on and get a job as a physical therapist as soon as possible. He told me that decided to go to Long Beach State because it was close to home and because, well, he got in.

Allen said he did not really have many experiences with art and that he really enjoys the art and all the aspects of the Art 110 class. Although we both agreed that sometimes the art can sometimes be really hard to understand and analyze. But other than that he told me the art is really cool and it gave him a different insight on the art and that he really liked the activities for the art class and I thought that was pretty cool.

You should check out Allen’s website @ http://lamallen.com/ to see some really cool content and learn about Allen a little more!


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