Week 10 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale

This piece is entitled, “Lost and Innocent World,” and is a work of Kenita Hale’s. It represents a little temple or little tiny world in a woman or possibly man’s lap. The faces on this sculpture has a very eerie and creepy look and the lighting and placement of the sculpture added to its overall creepiness.

I chose to write about this sculpture because it was the most unusual and it stood out to me the most out of all the galleries and works overall. I found it in an eerie dark room and I thought that added a great effect to it because that’s probably what made it so successfully great. It features what looks like to be a little town, or world, you might say, In a person’s lap. I think this is a metaphor to something and it represents something relevant to society today. I think it shows how the world can be in someone’s hands and that they have control over what they do and what happens around them. The “evil” face on the person may represent a corrupt mind or some sort of maniacal idea. Or it may also represent a god or goddess that has control of the world in their lap. The face may represent that the world is in doom or that the world is spinning around disoriented, literally or not. But either way I don’t think the theme of this piece is a good one especially because of how it was placed, in the darkness and all. Overall though I really liked the piece because it stood out to me and it made me analyze it a little more.

If you have the opportunity, please check out more of Kenita Hale’s works! Unfortunately I do not have any links to her website or page but if you ever find her, please do checkout her pieces because they truly are amazing!


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