Week 9 – Classmate Interview – Zac Ramirez

So this week, I had the honor of talking to Zac Ramirez. Zac is a 2nd year at CSULB, and is also a physical education major.

Zac told me that he first decided to do a different major of which I forgot, (sorry Zac 😦 ) but he said that it was too much reading so he decided to switch to a physical education major. Although he did not do it out of vain because he enjoys the whole aspect of physical education anyway. He aspires to become a full-time football coach/P.E. teacher at a high school (any high school for that matter). He really enjoys sports and played football himself in high school (which was probably a given anyway 🙂 ). Zac’s hometown is Long Beach and he only lives about 10 minutes away from campus so he commutes to school. He told me his mom also went to Long Beach and that he chose to go here because it is close to home and that she was originally from Lakewood (which is literally right next to Long Beach anyway). Zac’s alma mater is Los Alamitos High School, which I think is pretty neat because I know a few people that go there.

Zac was not really a big fan of art, but Art 110 has given him a new insight on art and he really enjoys the activities and galleries that have been displayed. He likes the art because they are so unique, unexpected, and spontaneous.  He told me he looks forward to looking at art every week and I think that is pretty cool. I wish Zac the best of luck in his career and I hope he becomes successful.

Check out Zac’s personal website for some cool content! You can find him at http://zacramirez.wordpress.com/!


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