Week 9 – Artist Interview – Myra Flores

This week, I chose to write about this sculpture right here. I thought it was really interesting because it was very different from everything else in the art galleries this week. In its own gallery, it looked like an outcast and it just looked awkwardly placed (or maybe that was the point).

So this week there were a lot of interesting pieces of art but this one stuck out to me. It was very oddly placed and I just thought it was funny because it was a Playboy. Although I can kind of see why it may be an art. Also because this was idea was composed into a bust. So in this piece, this sculpture seems to have revolved around the image of Ryan Gosling, or at least has familiar features to him. He is accessorized with the bunny ears and bow tie in which is similar to the logo of the Playboy bunny. What Myra Flores is trying to depict is humor in this sculpture by combining two ideas into this piece. One of the ideas is the image of the Playboy girls who are “objectified, idealized, and fetishized.” Flores is saying that these girls are looked upon as beautiful objects and are not depicted as human beings. This idea is combined with the male image because it is also similar in the way male actors may be treated. This is similar in the way “in which male actors like Ryan Gosling are subjected to a similar form of idolization and fetishization.” This is saying that most people also treat actors like different beings and would not consider them as being a human being like themselves. Like how Playboy girls are hot and sexy, male actors may be treated the same way and people drift away from treating them like people and more like objects.

I think this is an amazing message and it really gave me a new insight about this idea. If you want to check out more amazing art look for Myra Flores! Unfortunately, I do not have a link to a website, but if you ever find her, please do check out her art!


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