Week 8 – Classmate Interview – Yesenia Chavez

So for Week 8, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yesenia Chavez. Yesenia is from Downey and is a freshman pursuing a film major. She first told me that she went undeclared because she didn’t know if majoring in film would do her any good at all. But then she told me that she might as well major in something she enjoys doing because she wouldn’t want to have a job for the rest of her life that she hates ( and I don’t blame her 🙂 ).

Anyway, moving on. I found Yesenia to be a very unique individual and she likes to state her opinion on things. We were looking through a couple art galleries and both of our favorites had to be the one with all the canvas paintings. I told her, ” this is what I thought what art really is,” and she agreed with me. We both agreed that upon entering this course, we would see beautiful art on canvases whether it be people or nature or what have you. A lot of the art we’ve seen in this class have been controversial, but there are many cool things we have seen.

Yesenia comes from Downey and she came to CSULB because it was the closest CSU from her home and she is commuting. I asked her if she hangs out at school and/or meet new people often, but she said she likes hanging out with her friends. She told me that typically, when she studies or hangs out with her friends, they are usually in the library or they enjoy lolligagging in the areas that have grass. I told her that I like the idea of high school friends but I also mentioned that college was an opportunity to meet new people and do new things as well. So far, she has not joined any sports or clubs, but I hope she will sometime in the near future.

Check out Yesenia’s website for awesome content and cool blog posts @ http://yeseniachavez.com/ !


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