Week 8 – Artist Interview – Christopher Michael Linquata

So this week, I got the opportunity to check out a couple of great Christopher Linquata works. This one above is just one of three that were displayed this week.

I really liked this specific painting because it really stuck out to me. I felt like it really connected to me mentally/emotionally. It’s really hard to understand and explain but the detail and the colors in the painting really give it a pop. What I specifically like about these colors is that they are very solid and they aren’t light. They make the painting and its details much more easy to see and it makes the piece feel pleasant.

What I also see in this piece is a bearded man whispering to a girl. This piece kind of looks like an alley scene but it’s in broad daylight so it is kind of ironic. What may have been the idea of this piece was to take a very sketchy scene, and turn it into a more pleasant look. I think this because of the dumpsters placed into the painting and how deserted it is around them. There are no cars, people, or any signs of life other than those two people. The man is also bearded so that kind of adds a creepy aspect to it… or maybe that’s just me.. 🙂 Then again the girl is listening attentively and not resisting so there is more than one way to look at this photo.

Unfortunately, I do not have any links or anything to lead you to Christopher Linquata’s works…. but if you get the chance to check him out, please do! His pieces are amazing and I would love to see more of them in the future if I get the chance!


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