Week 7 – Artist Interview – Kenita Hale

So, unfortunately, Kenita Hale wasn’t there at the art gallery exhibit, but her amazing work was. This carnival, temple-like display was really eye-opening and had a lot of detail to it.

At first, I didn’t really get much of this art at all. I was just like, “what is going on with this?” I looked at each and every one of the “tombstones” if you will, and, quite frankly, each individual on those tombstones were… well… unique. Then I started observing each and every one of them a little bit more and looked each of them up on Google and found out that these people recognized were remembered as freaks! They were freaks and were probably rejected from society and traveled the circus as a freak show. Since the inside setting was like a temple, I thought the artist was displaying appreciation for these forgotten and disrespected individuals of their time. Then I realized that outside of this temple, the tent represented the circus theme of this whole piece, so I thought that was pretty amazing and significant. This was my favorite art gallery of the week because it’s so unique and unexpected. Even the people displayed inside through these tombstones (like the one above in the picture) were very unique themselves! I would love to see more art like this displayed and I hope I do get to see them in the last half of the Art 110 semester.

If you get the opportunity, check out other Kenita Hale’s works! Unfortunately, I do not have any links or access to a website, but I’m sure she’ll be easy to find 🙂


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