Weel 7 – Classmate Interview – Amber Reyes

So this week, I had the opportunity to get to know Amber Reyes. She’s a 2nd year studying psychology and is from Long Beach. She told me she loved staying with her family so she didn’t want to go anywhere far. Aside from that fact, she tried living alone but it just didn’t cut out for her. She is always occupied whether it be from school or working two jobs so she doesn’t have as many chances to hangout and make friends.

I met Amber in one of the sculpture galleries about a freak show or something. At first, we were both in there and were quite confused at what was going on and what this gallery was in general. There were a bunch of “freaks” that had tombstones and everything as a whole looked like a temple…. inside of a circus tent. We took the time to look at each individual grave and read about how they were rejected from society so they joined the circus. In the end, we thought the idea of everything was pretty cool and Amber said how it was like worshipping the forgotten and the unappreciated. It was both our favorite galleries of the day because it was so unique and each part of it was very interesting.

I also learned that Amber lives in Long Beach and works two other jobs along with school and is a 2nd year. She told me how she moved out on her own but she just got really lonely and missed her brother so she went back in to live with her family. She also has a brother that will attend UC Berkeley in the Spring, so I think that is pretty awesome. She doesn’t have that much free time because of her two jobs and she says it’s hard to hangout and make friends so I think that that is unfortunate.

Also, check out her website @ http://amberdanielareyes.wordpress.com/ !


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