Week 7 – Activity – Painting

So this week in Art 110, I got to utilize spray paint to paint my name on anything and/or anywhere legal. I was at my friend’s house and he happened to be painting with spray paint so I was able to do this activity with him.

So, prior to this activity, I had no prior experience with spray paint other than painting a football field, but I never actually got to spray paint in an artistic form. Unless you consider painting a football field art 🙂 So yeah, luckily, the two colors of my choice were right there waiting for me. I just had to gather a few newspapers so I wouldn’t be vandalizing his property. Spray painting is actually kinda tricky and as you can see, my name didn’t come out to great… but it’s okay, I had a lot of fun. They weren’t exactly the bubble letters I expected, but I still think it came out pretty neat.

This activity has really shown me insight on what taggers think and feel when they make art using spray paint. I feel like art like this should be more appreciated and taggers should have more opportunities to paint in more areas. In addition, I feel that being called a “tagger” isn’t all that great either, because they’re not really trying to vandalize property for the sake of it, but they’re doing it for art (well, for some people). It’s a shame how tagging is seen as a distinct negative while there is so much amazing art being created out there because of taggers.

From this experience, I want to learn more about using spray paint and I want to be able to learn and make crazy and intricate art pieces myself.

Also you can see the knife on the top left corner of the newspaper. It is an unfinished painted knife they were working on 🙂 The result on the red camo on the knife was pretty neat. So spray paint can be an nice touch on many things if it’s used correctly and not abused. Hopefully, I can experience and experiment a little more with spray paint 🙂


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