Week 6 – Activity – Drawing

image (1) image (2)

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So this week’s activity was really really interesting. It involved drawing on an app called, “French Girls.” What you get to do is post selfies and get them drawn, or draw selfies of other people. Although most of the ones done are awkward and bad, there are a handful of really artistic drawings out there.

So for the selfies I posted, I didn’t really get a response to any of my selfies for a long time. I had to wait overnight for the horribly done ones above, which makes me kind of sad… but that’s reality I guess. I don’t know… maybe those drawings really do resemble me. Although the top left one is really dark. I’m satisfied with the fact that someone actually tried drawing my picture too because for a long time I thought I wasn’t going to get any results. I think French Girls is a nice app and a nice thing to discover especially if you’re an aspiring artist. You could practice your drawings electronically. Some of the drawing on French Girls are actually really stellar, just not the ones of me or the ones that I drew ๐Ÿ™‚

So with the ones I drew, I had a little of trouble myself trying to make it look nice. I think because to get all the nice and technical colors, you need to pay to obtain, which I think is pretty lame, but that’s how people make money. So, my drawings weren’t the best, probably because I didn’t take the time to “look” but oh well.. I really did try. My favorite one that I drew was the girl with the markers in her mouth. It looks like she’s barfing rainbows in my drawing ๐Ÿ™‚

I think French Girls is an awesome app and everyone, including artists and non-artists, should check it out. It’s a good way to pass time and have a little laugh at ๐Ÿ™‚


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