Week 6 – Classmate Interview – Brandon Middleton

So this week, I had the honor of interviewing one of the chillest guys in art class. Meet Brandon Middleton. He’s a 2nd year at CSULB and is majoring in communications. He is a very bright person and he is striving to become a marketer, which I think is pretty awesome.

Anyhow, I feel like Brandon was a person I could really relate to. We met because we were both looking for a partner to discuss art with, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to meet him. Our favorite art gallery was titled Labyrinth, which displayed works that felt very winter themed. We had a common favorite when it came to a specific piece. We both really liked this sculpture of a what looks to be a deer’s head on a hunter’s body. Or, what we thought represented a hunter. What we though was that the head represented the prize and the body represented the hunter who hunted the prey. So, that was pretty cool. Other than that none of the art galleries really captured our interest. We saw one other gallery which was full on canvases with beautiful scenery painted on them. I told Brandon, “This was what I thought art was. Beautiful paintings on canvases, not tissue stapled onto a wall.” We both agreed that the art we see in Art 110 was nothing that we would’ve imagined art to be.

Aside from art, Brandon and I also have many common interests. We are both avid sports fans and we discussed baseball, basketball, football, and other sports we knew. Like me, Brandon is a Lakers fan, and although they’ve been through a rough patch for a couple years, we both have confidence they’ll come back with a bang this year. Both of us are more basketball fans than anything, so we kept the other sports we talked about nice and short.

Brandon said he didn’t join any clubs because he never really felt the need or interest to. He likes hanging out with close friends and doing his own thing since he lives so far away from school. After our conversation, Brandon talked about how he goes to the rec center to play basketball and chill, so we ended up heading over there to play some ball. Low and behold I could not hang and I got wrecked out there 😦 Oh well, it was still an experienced to be learned and I still had fun.. sorta.

Brandon is a beast baller, so hit him up and play some ball with him or check out his blog site @ http://brandonmcsulb.wordpress.com/ to check out his awesome posts!


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