Week 5 – Artist Interview – Mike Lewis

All right, so this week’s art galleries were pretty interesting. I have to admit though, Mike Lewis’ gallery really caught my eye. Although his works had their own meaning, I also interpreted them in my own way to come up with another message of my own.

So from what I saw through Mike Lewis’ photos, was the image of destruction and war. He had old dirty rags of clothing and as you can see in the picture above, many photos of chaos and imbalance. In some of the photos, pieces were cut out and placed elsewhere on a blank piece of white paper. Since the images were pretty disturbing and violent, I assumed it had to do with losing something or utter chaos. By showing how parts of pictures and become lost and placed somewhere else, Lewis shows that violence and destruction can greatly affect every individual that has to experience this. Inferring by what was displayed in his gallery, it is probably reasonable to assume that Mike has faced some hardships and has lost a few things or people in his life. He uses art to reflect how he feels and to disperse his frustration and prevent it from bottling up. I was very inspired by this images because the people in them have so little and at the same time, they also looked like they had a lot of hardship. These disturbing images have shown be that I should think about what is going on around me and has shown me how fortunate I am for not losing so many important things in my life.

Unfortunately I was unable to talk to Mike Lewis this week, but if you ever find the chance, check out Mike Lewis’ works because they are truly amazing!


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