Week 5 – Classmate Interview – David Phan

So this week I had the pleasure of interviewing David Phan, an amazing and very different individual. I knew him prior to Art 110, but talking to him this week really showed me who he was and now I feel like I know him a lot better.

So, I met David Phan in a extracurricular activity I participate in the called drum corps. I met him in a drum and bugle corps group named, “Impulse!” We knew who each other were but other than that we did not talk much at all. This week, however, I got the opportunity to speak with him and catch up on things.

Prior to looking at the art pieces, we met up and talked about how things were (school, home, etc.). After that, we started discussing about our hobbies. If we were in any clubs and if we do anything else besides going to class. David told me he doesn’t like clubs and he doesn’t like meeting new people outside of his hobbies in particular. He says that walking up to a stranger and instantly becoming friends was just a weird thought for him. Although I thought that was strange, I totally understand where he was coming from and I never really though that meeting people spontaneously was weird or outlandish. Although I do get that it may be weird sometimes. Then we started talking about your hobby, drum corps. We discussed about WGI, or Winter Guard International, which is an indoor marching arts as compared to drum corps which is an outdoor marching performing arts. He told me I should do WGI Winds, since a play a wind instrument (trumpet/mellophone). I thought about it but I had so any priorities already set. This past year, David Phan was a gold medalist with a group named “Pulse,” which was pretty awesome. He told me this summer he wanted to march a group named Crossmen, who derive from Texas. I thought that was an amazing goal and I wish him the best of luck. I told him I wanted to march the Blue Knights of Denver, Colorado and he said I should shoot for it. I was worried about money but he told me that shouldn’t stop me.

Next stop, art galleries. We looked through several galleries and David was not appealed to most of the art displayed this week. Although he eventually found a couple works that he liked. The works he saw were about abandonment of areas and the portraits highlighted how deserted places tend to become. I enjoyed the more destructive looking art gallery with the war-like art work and I saw a lot of meaning in it. David Phan said he really didn’t understand much of what was in art. He, like I, thought that art was supposed to be beautiful and luscious, not like a tissue stapled onto a wall or rags onto a wall. David said it wasn’t that the art was completely weird, but he says it irks him because a lot of these artworks he said anyone could probably do, but the fact that the people that have done it and have gotten it displayed bothers him because he feels they just got lucky.

David Phan is an awesome individual and you should check out his blog @ http://davidcphan.com/!


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