Week 4 – Classmate Interview – Oscar Ramirez

So this week I met an awesome guy named Oscar. He is a transfer student from Santa Barbara and is studying electrical engineering if I am not mistaken.

This week, I learned that Oscar’s favorite art pieces were in the glass gallery. He really enjoyed looking at the works made from melting glass together to make abstract formations and designs. He thought that it was very unique and original. Oscar really enjoyed these pieces of art too because it reminded him of the ocean. One of the artworks displayed looked like a coral reef and I thought that was really interesting and so did he. I also spotted one glass artwork that looked like brownies and we both had a small chuckle at it. Oscar also liked the contorted art pieces created by Scott Burns. He thought they were very cool and that they had a very “different” twist to them. Overall, however, he still enjoyed the art from the glass gallery a lot more because he said it appealed to him a lot more strongly. I talked about my thoughts about the Burns’ gallery and why I liked it and he agreed with what I had to say.

After a long discussion about the artwork I also learned personal things about Oscar as well. I know he is a third year transfer from Santa Barbara. He chose to go to CSULB for financial reasons but he likes it here and it fits him well. He is an electrical engineer major and I thought that was cool because I am an aspiring mechanical engineer. We talked about school and required courses and discussed the hardships of becoming an engineer. Oscar told me how he wanted to go beyond a four-year education and go on to get his master’s degree. I thought that was a very strong commitment and I commend him to that.

Oscar has a very cool blog site so you should read his blog posts and check out what he has to say about what he has seen so far! You can find him at http://notoscarramirez.wordpress.com/


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