Week 4 – Artist Interview – Scott Burns


This week’s art galleries were very intriguing and I was really interested in Scott Burns’ art pieces. His pieces have a contortionist twist but I thought it was a very cool and the pieces reeled me in to explore and interpret a little bit more. 

Scott Burns is a very interesting individual. When I first saw these sculptures, I though, “Huh, these are weird and so surreal.” But when I listened to Scott Burns’ explanation for it all I was more open-minded about these works. First of all, he likes viewers to full explore his art so he avoids a long explanation of them of paper. Secondly, he used to create very detailed pieces of art, but his friend told him to creative more things that were more reflective of his style and personality. Since that friend past away about a year ago, Burns started making these type of sculptures in honor of his friend, which I think is very thoughtful and sentimental. These artworks were very interesting and so contorted, but they were also very amazing.

Let’s look at the picture above. Here we see a human-like sculpture with a huge ball in his hand and an enlarged right foot. He also has a penis, so I feel like these piece of art was a twist on a human with a deep meaning to it. What the sculpture is holding in his right hand is his eyeball. As you can see if you look carefully at his right eye socket, that the eyeball is missing. he is holding his eyeball in his right hand probably because it doesn’t fit his eye socket. What is really interesting is that the body parts are not randomly blown out of proportion, but only the right side of his body. This piece is also untitled (which I think allows viewers to interpret it in their own way). I think this sculpture represents burden and uniqueness simultaneously. I think the sculpture is very unique because it doesn’t look very normal and may even be abstract. I also think it can represent burden because it is unfortunate to have your right eye just lying around like that (also with you having to carry it all the time). The right foot is ten times larger than the left foot/leg, which probably makes walking a rather different and difficult task as well.

I very much enjoyed this week’s art galleries and especially Scott Burn’s gallery. He is a very talented artist but unfortunately he does not have a website. Look around for his artwork though because it’s so unique you can’t miss it! Again his name is Scott Burns so try to check him out when you can!


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