Week 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

So I came across this Kickstarter video about using Bluetooth-functioned padlocks. I thought this was a completely amazing idea and I can’t believe how professional and unique this idea was! I would never in my mind have thought of this idea and I thought that this is very unique, and more important, really useful for real time use! I have, personally, had trouble with locks myself (misplacing the key or forgetting the combo) and they have been really big hassles for me. Especially when I go cycling and I need to lock my bike, keeping such a tiny key on me is very dangerous because I could easily misplace it when I am hanging out. But if this product is made into reality, this problem would be instantly fixed. I mean, who doesn’t have a cell phone? Everyone who is anyone has a cellular device and always has it on them, so this product already sells itself. It’s super convenient and safe and it also allows you share access to your family and friends. That’s crazy! That way less of a hassle than handing them your key so they can get what needs to be gotten. I fully support this project and I hope it is successful because I would definitely invest in something like this! I would say many many many people would invest in this product because it’s 100% hassle-less! you don’t even have to take out your mobile device. All you need to do is just be next to your lock and it will work itself like magic! This product/idea is amazing and it needs to be funded and released because this will be a big change for society and convinence!

Also, check out my video about a hypothetical project named, “Focus,” which is a pill that will help students and workers focus on their tasks more easily without being bored or lack the ability to focus efficiently on their task whether it be a test or an everyday job.


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