Week 3 – Artist Interview – Patricia Rangel

So this week was a lot more interesting. The art was a lot more “visual” I guess you can say, because it made me feel like I was a part of the art. Everything was a lot bigger and it felt like I was exiting reality and entering into a world of art.

So in the picture above, Rangel composed something I thought was really amazing and sentimental. What she did in that piece was put together pieces of dirt and ground from her hometown and made it into a little town (I imagine a little ancient civilization when I look at this). What made it special is that it’s like she takes her home with her and incorporates it into her art to show an value that nothing beats being home. But with the way she made this art piece it allows her to make beautiful artwork while having that sense of home in it as well. I also feel that by doing this, she is kind of telling her story of where she is from and her connections with her hometown so I think that is great.

I spoke with Trish and she said that she made this works with her home in mind and that she wanted to incorporate her home in her work so that she could bring a part of her origin with her wherever she goes. She explains that it shows a part of her past that by making it into art, she will always have the past with her forever. Her art references the idea of loss, healing, and longing. This explains why she creates these works of art. It always her to hold onto the past so that she never has to let go of her roots and that it will be easy for her to look back by just having these works.

IMG_2784Here is another piece of work that was included in her art gallery. This is entitled, “Component,” and from what I see, it can easily be represented as a map. What I think it is is a “map” of Rangel’s life and it is supposed to represent that “components” of of Rangel’s life, so that is pretty cool. It is composed of metals (probably from her hometown as well) and you can see that every part of it is connected to one another to make one whole map.

About the author: Trish Rangel

Trish has a lot of interesting pieces and they all amazingly incorporate the idea of home. You can get more information about her art work here!


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