Week 2 – Classmate Interview – Steven Le

So this week I spoke with a old high school classmate, Steven Le. I haven’t really talked to him much at all and just exchanged hi’s here and there. Well anyway, this week, we were able to explore two new art galleries and Steven and I had some pretty interesting things to say about the art we saw.

This week we had two more art galleries to look at. These pieces of art were more dynamic and, well, more “out-of-the-box.” We saw new and interesting ideas such as a tent with a television full of stars inside and parts of walls “popping out. We thought that these two different galleries were a lot more interactive than the five galleries of more static art. The art we saw were more “toward us.”

 IMG_2722For example,  this piece of art looks like a tombstone in my opinion, and what it also featured is purple dust scattered in a rectangle on the ground, which I thought was a spooky but good addition to the piece. Steven thought It was a mess and what I said that well, maybe that kinda adds an certain effect to the piece 🙂 What fascinated Steven were these ramps on the way which made it like it was reaching out to you. He said that the work made it seem like the wall may be reaching out to you and trying to speak to you, so I thought that was a cool thought. We also saw this loop of wire connected to a radio box which was projecting sound and the title was something along the lines of, “It’s better to give than to take.” It was hard for us to interpret this but we came to the conclusion that the wire was the source of taking, but the speaker compensated for it and gave a more useful and physical source than the copper wire and in doing so was giving more than it was taking. After we looked at some pieces we thought about how strange art can be and how most of it had to be interpreted. Steven said art was very confusing and he didn’t imagine that art would be the way we saw it in this art class. I agreed with him saying that I thought art was mainly a portrait or a painting of something more straightforward than a piece of sidewalk or an aluminum tent. So far I’m glad I’m in this class it has really opened my eyes. Steven agreed with me by saying that this class was one of the fun and relaxing classes that he has.

Check out Steven’s blog @ stevenkle.wordpress.com!



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