Week 2 – Artist Conversation – Bridget Batch

So this piece of art is called, “When We Are Robots We Will Still Gaze At The Stars.” This can mean one of two things. Either A) we are too busy everyday doing things like chores and work that we get too caught up with it to admire and appreciate the beauty of the world around us, or B) we forget to appreciate the universe and it’s amazing wonders because we are too caught up into technology (but we will look back “at the stars” everyone once in a while). But let’s talk about that.

So, this week, this work of art really brought my attention to our modern world problem. Us vs. Technology. We are so caught up with technology these days that we don’t take the time to realize the beauty in the universe around us. But is it what the work of art is trying to say? Is it trying to say that people don’t take the time to appreciate the world because they’re too caught up with technology and modern achievements? Or is it only because we are too busy and cannot find the time to do so? In this work, there is an aluminum tent with a television inside displaying stars. Already from that image I can say that this work is about our civilization today and how we depend too much on technology to take the time to look at the stars and appreciate their beauty. While this work incorporates a tent, there is a television of what is outside, which means that the people who are staying inside the tent may take the time to go out into nature, but are not willing to take the extra step and explore nature itself.

What I learned from this piece is that the world and its subtleties are very under-appreciated. Since technology today has got so advanced, no one feels the need to take a step back into nostalgia and do what our predecessors once did for fun. Go outside and feel and smell the fresh air. Hangout in the park or play sports. Kids today just focus on technology whether it be through communication or entertainment. From texting friends instead of talking to them in person to hanging out online and playing games, kids today have almost everything it needs to pass time in the comfort of their bedroom. Our generation needs to learn that it is not all about video games and television and that their is a world out there for each and everyone of us to explore and discover.

About the artist: Bridget Batch

Bridget’s works of art focus on the world and our perception of the world. Through her works she shows the way the world looks and adds a twist on it to incorporate how humans have influenced the world (whether it be tangible or supernatural). 

Check out her art at www.bridgetbatch.com!


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