Week 2 – Activity – Instagram

What I thought was truly profound about this week’s activity was that people have many perceptions of what art is. Although Instagram is not the epitome of superior artwork, it is a way for friends and family to share a more candid type of art.

As I was saying, this Instagram activity has shown me a lot of insight about other people and how they perceived art. From pictures of books, food, other technology, scenery, other people, or selfies, Instagram has it all. The variety of the different types of pictures is also amazing. No two photos are alike or similar. Each Instagram post is unique and has it’s own personal trademark. This shows how broad art can be and it also shows how creative people can get with the right resources. Instagram is only a taste of what art can offer, but art can be so much more beautiful and interactive. Instagram is a display of many works of art and countless memories. Some of the posts on Instagram are truly amazing and mind-boggling. It is absolutely ridiculous how creative people can get. Instagram allows users to utilize third-party collage makers and people could craft together a bunch of pictures to make one big picture to post on Instagram. This, in itself is a pretty cool thing to be able to do. There is so much art to explore in Instagram there’s no way you could possibly think art has a limit.

Anyway, enough about what Instagram! So in this week’s activity, my fellow classmates had to post at least four photos onto Instagram with the tag “#art110f14”. By doing this we as a class were able to creative a massive collage/image of “art.” This allowed us to explore what others thought of art so we can learn about art and open more doors for new types of art. As you can see from the snippet of the pictures under the tag, “#art110f14,” no one picture is the same. Everyone has a different interpretation of art and I think that is pretty awesome. It just comes to show that art is truly amazing and there is always something new to explore about it and it is therefore a never-ending journey. Instagram is only one of the many ways artists and regular people like you and me can express our love and appreciation of the beautiful world we live in.


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