Week 1 – Classmate Conversation – Dominic Erich

All right.. so where do I begin? So Thursday, the day we walked through the five art galleries, was a big eye-opener for me. I experienced new types of art I’ve never thought to be even considered art. A lot of the art I thought was very unique and decorative while others were abstract and absurd. Whether the work of art was strange or customary, they were all very interesting and easily debatable. 

So the photo above displays a selfie of Dominic Erich (right) and me (left) as we were walking through the art galleries at CSULB. I had not met Dominic prior to that day but we both had the same feelings about the art we saw. Most pieces of art that we observed were strange and surreal. Dominic thought these artists may have been on some drug because their works were very, “weird, trippy, and out-of-this-world.” However, we both did find some art that was pretty neat. Dominic’s favorite work of the day was of this city-like portrait.


He said it was like an abstract image of an abandoned part of a big city, like New York, and the night-vision effect added to the uniqueness of the work. The creator of this masterpiece is Evan Trine and the name of this piece is called, “Vegetable Man in the Vegetable Van.” I think this is funny because of how the picture was named and how our depiction of the image was the complete opposite of what it was supposed to be. Unless the name of the piece of art was supposed to be ironic. Hm… who knows? x) 

So anyway, Dominic and I learned that art is not all about appealing to the audience directly. Art is the artist interacting with the viewer. The artist is depicting a meaning or message through the imagery of the art piece. We also learned that art is also about thinking outside the box. Art is about taking risks and exploring a different view on the world around us. When artists think outside the box it gives viewers a new insight on life or a new lesson. Dominic and I also saw that various art pieces were also very dull and lacked detail. We discovered that art is also about having a very strong and vivid imagination. For example, we saw pieces of masking tape on a wall and a tissue stapled on to a wall. When we saw these art piece we immediate exclaimed, “What the heck?!” We were so confused and we didn’t know what to think or say about it. This was also the case with many other art pieces, and half the time we were there we were just so confused about art. Although, eventually we came to the conclusion that while some art is appealing and beautiful, other pieces are confusing and abstract, but both are as equally interesting and engaging.

Remember to check out Dominic’s blog site! He has a very well-written analysis on the “Vegetable Man in the Vegetable Van.” You can check his website out @ dominicerich.com


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