Week 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Shelbi Schroeder

Looking through the five art galleries at today at CSULB has given me a new insight and respect for what art truly is. I’ve always thought art to be straightforward and pretty. Never would I have thought taping a tissue onto a wall or just plain tape on a wall would be considered art. I still can’t quite comprehend what these works portray but they have given me a new and profound respect for what is defined as art. 

So anyway… moving on. This piece of art is a portrait of a woman who is looking at herself through a mirror. From my point-of-view, I feel she is experiencing deep sorrow and distress because of the way she looks. In her mind she is not a size 0 in clothing nor is her body curved and defined. She is insecure about her looks hence the way she holds herself and her expression as she looks at her body in shame. The title of this portrait is, “Indefinite Obsession.” I perceive this title to describe the woman’s (and possibly women in general) unhealthy obsession with the way they look. This piece of art accurately depicts girls and women in society today. It defines how females think very lowly of themselves and how much they underestimate themselves. Contemporary models, whether male or female, are freakishly unhealthy and give off a bad image and role model for the teenagers and young adults. Sometimes, an average, strong, fit, healthy woman would be considered “plus-sized” in the model industry. I think this is completely absurd and corrupting to the young and growing minds of our youth today.

So in other news, I was personally really engaged with this piece of art because it gave me lots of insight on and about society’s expectations today. Young women and girls especially, believe that to be beautiful and attractive, you need to be super skinny. Speaking on the behalf of probably most guys (if not, all), we as men think that women can be beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Although I’m not trying to depict women as objects for men, my main point is that you can be large but also be extremely beautiful at the same time! Girls shouldn’t be insecure, not even for one second about how they look or how others think they look. They should learn to focus on themselves and be proud of who they are. Men for the most part are not shallow at all! We aren’t crazy animals that just want women for their bodies. Men are loving too and we will love you for who you are, not something or someone else you want to be. I know there are some mean and disrespectful guys out there.. but who are they to you anyway? If they are like that, you shouldn’t be caring what they think, let alone be bothered by them.

So overall, I really respect this piece of art because it has opened my eyes and has shown me that women tend to be very insecure about themselves and their self-image, but in fact, that shouldn’t be a concerned about that at all! If I learned anything today from this beautiful piece of art is that: Girls, each and everyone of you are beautiful and special in your very own way. Don’t try to be somebody else, be yourself and be proud of it. 

And if you’re afraid of not finding the right man… don’t worry, he will find you 🙂 If you wait for the right guy, he will treat you in ways you couldn’t have ever dreamed about. So don’t worry and live your life confident and proud. Show off your stunning smile to the world!

About the artist: Shelbi Schroeder

First of all, thank you Ms. Schroeder for providing us (everyone) this beautiful and meaningful for portrait. So regarding this portrait, Schroeder’s idea was to portray the naked human body. She wants to show that the human body is very complex and a form of art in itself. In almost all of her photos, she displays the the woman body naked or merely clothed. She wants to show that the human body is very unique and it should be displayed proudly and exotically. Schroeder is not particularly thin but she has a healthy and well-kept body. She is proud of how she looks and she does not want to demean herself just because of someone’s opinion. She understands that the most important opinion is her own and she should only want to satisfy herself. Shelbi Schroeder successfully displays that everyone should own up to their body and flaunt what they have confidently and proudly.

If you want to see more of Shelbi’s amazing works, check her out at shelbischroeder.com!


One thought on “Week 1 – GLAMFA Artist – Shelbi Schroeder”

  1. That was wonderful. I really do hope that people begin to realize that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Men and women should be proud of how they are, and should not obsess over what the media portrays as “beautiful.” This was really eye opening. 🙂


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